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Paint with Flowing Watercolors

 “Life inspires art, and art inspires life.” – Cindy Briggs

Would you like a continuous uplifting watercolor journey with other gifted supportive artists?

In my new Online Membership Program "All About Watercolors" designed just for you, you will:

  • Energize your creative spirit with monthly “live” watercolor paint-alongs.
  • Expand your skills with a growing library of painting videos that range from simple to more complex inspiring subjects.
  • Make progress with nurturing guidance from Cindy and an encouraging community of artist friends.
  • Enjoy the Creative process at your own pace.
  • Celebrate your emerging style as you discover what you are drawn to.

Without the challenge of deadlines and doing it all on your own.

"All About Watercolors"

Membership Program Includes :

Get energized as we meet together for "live" monthly online Zoom Paint-Alongs. Expanding library of Paint-Along Recordings 9+ already included.

Scheduled at different times, recorded and added to the expanding "Paint-Along" library, so no worries if you can't make it.
Value $997

Expanding library of Lesson - 17+ Videos  already included

Enjoy simple to more advanced painting lessons in each module.  We'll start with painting Bluebonnets in Texas then head to Provence and see where our journey takes us.

We'll experiment with subjects like landscapes and cityscapes, florals and figures. Each Lesson Module will have a simplified lesson and a more advanced lesson.

Value $1597


Cindy will host a quarterly "Open Studio" so you can ask questions, talk to other artists in the group, share your work, or just come and paint.
Value $400

Enjoy an Expanding Video Selection of "Watercolor Essentials"

Videos cover topics like:
How to mix colors, How to create beautiful washes,
How to control the consistency of paint to water and how to fix and finesse your painting.
Value $178

Interact in the "All About Watercolors" Private Facebook Community where you can share your progress,  get encouraging helpful feedback from Cindy, and friendly support from our circle of artists.

Value $297

Travel Virtually as we explore places like New Zealand and Australia,  Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast in Italy, Provence and Paris in France, Sunlit scenery in Spain and Portugal, and across North America.
Value $800

Explore an expanding bonus photo library with reference images you can paint from for your personal use.  Participants are also invited to share copyright free images.
Value $250

With our access-anytime website you can paint on your own schedule, at your own pace, and even explore your own personal style and subjects.  Watch the expanding library of videos as many times as you'd like.
Rewind and watch detailed processes over and over again.  


Enjoy the camaraderie of the artist friends in the group and find inspiration in the unique style of each artist.

Amy R. 

I just have to reach out and let you know how much joy your art and teaching have brought me.  Never in a million years when I started on this journey did I dream Our Lord had such wonderful blessings in store for me!  Finding your art and your courses are a dream come true.  Your pictures, colors and style make me happy.  Your brilliant, warm and sweet teaching methods make me happy.  Your gathering of community makes me happy.  Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!!  You are touching the lives of so many, especially me.  I am learning the art of watercolor and I am getting better.  And I am hoping my own "style" shakes out to be very much like yours! One day I hope to own one of your originals and hang it in my home.    I am so very much enjoying your online courses now that things have started to click with me.

Thank you again.  I'm looking forward to the next live class and will keep working hard on my online lessons.  


Catherine M.

I have learned so much about watercolor and art from Cindy. I have attended her workshops and I am a member of at least three of her watercolor workshops online. She has been one of the best teachers for me and I credit her for advancing me on my watercolor journey. You will learn so much from Cindy Briggs that, quite honestly, you won't learn anywhere else.

Liz C. 

When I came across your art and your classes it was like a breath of fresh air. It was so uplifting and inspiring - just what I was ready to explore on the next step of my artistic journey. And as a member of All About Watercolors, it feels like I've found the right learning to help me discover my personal style. Thank you and I look forward to learning more.

Jane T.

I’ve loved every minute of the class and expect to return to the lessons multiple times to sharpen my skills. This was just what I needed to help me move from rank beginner, self-taught, wanna-be, to a budding watercolorist, excited to keep on learning and growing!

Why am I creating this "All About Watercolors" Membership Program?

More Quotes by Cindy's Students:

Kathryn M.

The online Facebook closed group of others in the class really is motivating. There is a sense of community; it is fun to share and see how others approach a particular subject. I’ve really enjoyed this class!

Marie M.

I feel more free to be myself in this online class, where I don’t have to look anyone in the eye (I am pathetically self-critical) …. And I learn so much from other classmates’ comments and from others’ work, because I am relaxed. The material is fun and Cindy is inspiring. I haven’t painted this often, Ever!!

Kerrie K.

I really enjoy Cindy's teaching style. I have learned so much since taking her class. She is able to push you past your comfort zone, yet I still had fun. My painting has improved 10 fold since gaining knowledge, skill, and confidence. I even tried some plein air painting while on vacation. I was able to capture "the moment" and truly have a personal memento of my vacation. I highly recommend any of her classes.


Joni P.

I love painting with Cindy Briggs! I have been taking her classes for about 18 months and have found this to be my Zen space....painting with Cindy. She makes everyone feel comfortable regardless of their level of talent. The classes are always fun and full of positive energy with so much appreciation for art and beauty.

Why paint watercolors with Cindy?


Who is Cindy Briggs and why would I want to learn watercolor painting from her?” That’s probably the question you’ve got in mind at this point.

To answer that question,... Teaching watercolors for over 25 years, I truly enjoy working with and helping my students on their creative journey en plein air, in the studio and online. 

I am:

A master of translucent watercolors; I've gained recognition for my sun-drenched landscapes, luminous flowers, and striking portraits,

An International recognized artist whose work has been accepted into juried award shows and exhibited in several galleries across the US.  My work has also been featured in publications including Watercolor Magazine, Plein Air Magazine, Outdoor Painter, and Conde Nast. 

✓A featured online workshop instructor for the Smithsonian Studio Arts Programs, University of Utah, and French Escapade.

An International Workshop Instructor for over 20 years.  Scenic destinations from Spain, Italy, France, to Quebec and Greece are popular in Cindy's workshops with more starting in 2022.  

✓ A featured instructor at many special events and art centers, such as Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah, and the Art Station in Bend, Oregon.  

✓ A Daniel Smith showcased artist who has worked with Daniel Smith stores teaching workshops, conducting demonstrations, and creating videos,

An award winning artist whose work has been juried into several National and International Exhibitions. I have also served as a juror for exhibitions, museum shows and art festivals.   

A graduate with a degree in Design with experience as an advertising art director for leading agencies in San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.  This gave me in-depth experience in lighting, design and conceptual thinking which influences my work and teaching approach.


  • BONUS: The first 50 to sign up qualify for a drawing to win a Fine Art Giclee Print from Cindy's Etsy account value up to $85.

  • Yearly Pass signups bonus for everyone who signs up: Private Group "Live" 2-day online lesson value $178 



Be sure to sign-up to the waitlist for updates on when we open.