Mentoring Program


Explore What You Want to Paint and Create Your Own Original Series of Work.

To have creative breakthroughs, you need to push beyond your comfort zone. Finding your own voice can be a matter of discovering your gifts, simplifying your message to make it more powerful, and seeing life from a different point of view.

Monthly Membership:


  • Monthly "live" indepth step-by-step painting lesson.
  • Full time Access to recordings online
  • Critique session every month plus additional mini demonstrations as needed
  • In depth review of your design ideas for your series
  • Priority feedback on submitted artwork between sessions
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Questionnaire so we can dig deeper into what your goals are
  • Create Paintings with Captivating Color and Light
  • Create your own Beautiful Series of Paintings
  • Explore Design Concepts
  • Explore Color Harmony
  • Finesse your Work
  • Work at your own Pace
  • Celebrate your Style.
Yes, I'll join!

If you're open to what truly inspires you, you’ll find you'll continue to grow as an artist and develop your unique artistic style.

Do you want to advance your design skills, develop your sense of color harmony, & finesse your work to make it even better?

If yes, this is a program for you.

Follow your heart as we seek ways to build your own series of colorful paintings

Discover what is meaningful to you as we explore the importance of relationships in color, shapes and light.

Limited to 24 artists. You can sign up for the waiting list if the group is full.
All sessions will be recorded and available online so you can go at your own pace.

Classes will usually be held two Wednesdays per month at 10am Pacific Time. The first session is for painting and exploring concepts plus giving you an assignment for the month. The second mentoring session is to give you personalized feedback on your own projects to help you with your creative aspirations.

Receive insightful creative prompts that you can experiment with as you interact with a vibrant community of focused painters.

Are you already in one of my programs? This is a great add on to any of my programs.

This program goes beyond teaching you how to paint what I paint, this program is to help you explore what you want to paint and create your own inspiring original series of work.

Explore the process of conceptualization and refine your vision through the development of a series of your own work.

You'll discover how to see like an artist, distill your designs, harmonize colors, and capture the nature of light.


Enjoy the camaraderie of the artist friends in the group and find inspiration in the unique style of each artist


Kathryn M.

The online Facebook closed group of others in the class really is motivating. There is a sense of community; it is fun to share and see how others approach a particular subject. I’ve really enjoyed this class!

Marie M.

I feel more free to be myself in this online class, where I don’t have to look anyone in the eye (I am pathetically self-critical) …. And I learn so much from other classmates’ comments and from others’ work, because I am relaxed. The material is fun and Cindy is inspiring. I haven’t painted this often, Ever!!

Kerrie K.

I really enjoy Cindy's teaching style. I have learned so much since taking her class. She is able to push you past your comfort zone, yet I still had fun. My painting has improved 10 fold since gaining knowledge, skill, and confidence. I even tried some plein air painting while on vacation. I was able to capture "the moment" and truly have a personal memento of my vacation. I highly recommend any of her classes.

Joni P.

I love painting with Cindy Briggs! I have been taking her classes for about 18 months and have found this to be my Zen space....painting with Cindy. She makes everyone feel comfortable regardless of their level of talent. The classes are always fun and full of positive energy with so much appreciation for art and beauty.

Why am I creating this Mentoring Program?

The Curriculum

We will cover many of the subjects shown below as we make progress together.

Intuitive Line & Captivating Color

  • Connect with your subject and capture your first impression
  • Draw with flowing lines and paint with flowing color
  • Loosen up and get into the subject

Compelling Relationships

  • Visualization, composition & design
  • Create harmony and balance in your paintings
  • Utilize light and shadow, organic and geometric shapes, color relationships, dominance, directional lines

Dramatic Light & Shadows

  • Infuse luminescent light into your paintings
  • Create depth, strength, atmosphere, and excitement
  • Bring shadows to life with colorful, reflective light

Color Harmony

  • Explore color schemes: analogous, split complementary, and triads
  • Influence the mood of your paintings using temperature
  • Discover your own color style


  • Explore a variety of different perspectives
  • Add pattern, texture, and rhythm
  • Simplify & combine shapes for a bold statement


  • Assess your work to see what can make it even better
  • Minimize elements that needlessly draw attention
  • Fine-tune your edges, values, and colors

Why paint watercolors with Cindy?


Who is Cindy Briggs and why would I want to learn watercolor painting from her?” That’s probably the question you’ve got in mind at this point.

To answer that question,... Teaching watercolors for over 25 years, I truly enjoy working with and helping my students on their creative journey en plein air, in the studio and online. 

I am:

โœ“ A master of translucent watercolors; I've gained recognition for my sun-drenched landscapes, luminous flowers, and striking portraits,

 โœ“ A Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society (NWS) and Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS), Cindy is an internationally recognized artist whose work is exhibited in juried and gallery shows.

 โœ“ Featured in Publications including Plein Air Magazine, American Watercolor, Outdoor Watercolor and Watercolor Magazine.

โœ“ A featured workshop instructor for the Smithsonian Studio Arts Programs, University of Utah, and French Escapade.

โœ“ An International Workshop Instructor for over 20 years.  Scenic destinations from Spain, Italy, France, to Quebec and Greece are popular in Cindy's workshops with more starting in 2022.  

โœ“ A featured instructor for Watercolor Societies, Special Events and Art Centers.  

โœ“ A Daniel Smith showcased artist who has worked with Daniel Smith stores teaching workshops, conducting demonstrations, and creating videos,

โœ“ An award winning artist whose work has been juried into several National and International Exhibitions. I have also served as a juror for exhibitions, museum shows and art festivals.   

โœ“ A graduate with a degree in Design with experience as an advertising art director for leading agencies in San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.  This gave me in-depth experience in lighting, design and conceptual thinking which influences my work and teaching approach.

This series of lessons is to inspire you to expand the way you create and see your subjects.


Paint what you want! For this first series I’ll focus on Painting Europe with a step-by-step watercolor lessons the first Wednesday of each month. This gives me room to demonstrate a variety of scenes that all relate to each other.


During our first meeting you'll receive artistic prompts to expand your possibilities and understanding of the concepts taught each month.


My third Wednesday meeting will be to answer questions, give artistic feedback and do related mini-demonstrations as needed. Wednesday meeting dates to be announced.


Cindy Briggs’ 2022 Mentoring Group Meeting Dates:


All meetings are at 10am Pacific Time. Meetings will be recorded and added to the platform so you can access anytime. I’m traveling in September to Colorado & Spain so the dates are shifted.

Painting & Concept Lessons are 3-4 hours. Mentoring Sessions & As Needed Demos are 1-3 hours as needed.

  • September 8 Intro Meeting, Painting & Concept Lesson
  • September 28 Mentoring Session & Demos
  • October 5 Painting & Concept Lesson
  • October 19 Mentoring Session & Demos
  • November 2 Painting & Concept Lesson
  • November 16 Mentoring Session & Demos
  • November 30 Painting & Concept Lesson
  • December 14 Mentoring Session & Demos
  • 2023 Dates to be announced.

In October or November we will schedule a private Zoom session with each participant. 


Level Up!

If you feel you need more encouragement, more design insights, more direction, more color theory, more of your own original work, then this is for you.


When you sign up you'll receive a confirmation and a questionnaire that will help us get started.


This Special Mentoring Group is Limited to a maximum of 24 artists.

Monthly Membership


per month only

  • Enjoy a Monthly "live" indepth step-by-step painting lesson 

  • Gain full time access to recordings online

  • Acquire feedback during Critique sessions every month with mini demonstrations as needed

  •  Get an in-depth review of your design ideas for your series.

  •  Receive feedback on submitted artwork between sessions.

  •  Connect with our Private Facebook Group

  •  Questionnaire so we can dig deeper into what your personal goals are.

  •  Create Paintings with Captivating Color & Translucent Light

  •  Produce your own Beautiful Series of Paintings

  •  Explore Composition Concepts

  •  Understand the Power of Color Harmony

  •  Finesse your Paintings

  •  Work at your own Pace

  •  Celebrate your Style

Yes, I'll join!