Mixing Watercolors:

Watercolor Painting For Beginners

A Cindy Briggs Online Watercolor Program

Fresh translucent watercolors are a dream to paint with but where do you start?

In this lesson, Cindy is sharing her recommended supplies and some of her most useful basic techniques to get you on the right track. Great for beginners and those who want to paint 

Lavender in Provence!


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You’ll Learn How To:

  • Fill your watercolor palette

  • Control the amount of water in your brush for best results

  • How to layer up color from start to finish

  • Mix watercolor paint with water to get the consistency you want

  • Mix watercolor paints to create a range of colors and values

  • Simply compose a scene

  • Paint a scene from start to finish

  • Use wet-on-wet and wet-on dry techniques

  • Use dry brush and splattering techniques for texture

  • Simplify a landscape

  • Soften edges and make corrections

  • BONUS: You’ll learn how to draw a quick sketch watercolor painting with a permanent pen for postcards and journaling!

Wondering what you’ll get when you sign up?

What you'll get in my Mixing Watercolors Online Workshop:

  • My Recommended Supply List and Palette Map

  • Try-it Squares Tracing

  • Reference Photo of Lavender in Provence

  • Tracing for Lavender in Provence Painting

  • Video demonstration of Try-it Mixing Watercolor Squares

  • Step-by-Step Demonstration of Watercolor Painting Lavender in Provence

  • Plus tips to help you finesse and sign your painting


  • BONUS 1: Quick Sketch Postcard Lesson

  • BONUS 2: Discover how you can quickly paint a scene on a postcard or in your travel journal

  • BONUS 3: Reference photo of Field of Lavender in Provence

  • BONUS 4: Drawing demonstration with a permanent pen

  • BONUS 5: Step-by-Step painting lesson in just a few minutes!

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$29.97 only

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When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to the Mixing Watercolors Online Workshop.

Step-by-step lesson videos await you to help you through the process of mixing colors.

You can paint-along at your own speed and you'll have anytime access for a FULL YEAR. 

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