Paint Tuscany With Watercolors

A Cindy Briggs Online Watercolor Program

Let your colors flow!

 “Life inspires art. And sometimes, art inspires life.” – Cindy Briggs

Paint dreamy Tuscany in flowing watercolors in Cindy's popular online program. 

Access to our private Membership Site "Paint Tuscany" for a full year.  


Currently Closed for Registration

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Cindy's Online Watercolor Program "Paint Tuscany" Includes:


Carly C.

I love painting along while watching on my desktop, stopping when Cindy gets ahead of me, and then resuming when I’m ready. This has been so effective and a great way to learn!

C. Martin 

I have learned so much about watercolor and art from Cindy. I have attended her workshops and I am a member of at least three of her watercolor workshops online. She has been one of the best teachers for me and I credit her for advancing me on in my watercolor journey. You will learn so much from Cindy Briggs that, quite honestly, you won't learn anywhere else.

K. Kissler.

I really enjoy Cindy's teaching style. I have learned so much since taking her class. She is able to push you past your comfort zone, yet I still had fun. My painting has improved 10 fold since gaining knowledge, skill, and confidence. I even tried some plein air painting while on vacation. I was able to capture "the moment" and truly have a personal memento of my vacation. I highly recommend any of her classes.

Jane T. 

I’ve loved every minute of the class and expect to return to the lessons multiple times to sharpen my skills. This was just what I needed to help me move from rank beginner, self-taught, wanna-be, to a budding watercolorist, excited to keep on learning and growing!

First 35 to sign up qualify for drawing to win a giclee print from Cindy's Etsy Account value up to $85.

Currently Closed for Registration.

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for updates on when we open it next.