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Let your colors flow!

 “Life inspires art. And sometimes, art inspires life.” – Cindy Briggs

Everyone has a gift for creativity within them. After all, art is another expression of ideas and emotions, of the world we live in, of our lives as we evolve through experiences. I’m sharing a way that you can fill the pages of your life with your own flowing colors.


In my Quick Sketch Watercolors Online Painting Workshop, I will show you how to unlock your creativity and talent for art. You’ll have a channel for expressing yourself and how you see and feel about your world.


You’ll have a unique way of capturing and storing your memories of your travels and your daily life. You can even use your new found knowledge to create thoughtful and inspiring journals, gifts, and frameable cards.


My workshop is open to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never held a paint brush before or you simply want to hone what skills you already have.


You'll have access anytime, easy-to-follow videos, demonstrations and resources to inspire your creative journey. If you choose the VIP Program you'll also have additional recordings and "Live" Zoom Paint-alongs, a Facebook Community and Journaling Prompts.

OPEN for a Limited Time 

Quick Sketch
V.I.P. Package


  • 12 Step-by-Step Lesson Modules

  • 12 Watercolor Basics Videos

  • BONUS: 17 Bonus Paint-Along Recordings

  • Plus 3-4 BONUS "LIVE" Zoom Paint-Along Workshops per year (our next paint-along is in July).

  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group for Sharing

  • BONUS: Watercolor Journaling Prompts

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Quick Sketch
Video Only Package


  • 12 Step-by-Step Lesson Modules

  • 12 Watercolor Basics Videos

  • BONUS: 6 Paint-Along Video Recordings

  • BONUS: Watercolor Journaling Prompts
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

In This Online Course You Will Learn


Before we get any further, let me just clarify one thing....

My Quick Sketch Watercolors program isn’t simply a paint-by-the-numbers online workshop.

I teach you how to think through a painting, how to see like an artist—and simplify the process. Sure, I’ll be sharing tips and techniques with you, but most of all, my lessons will enable you to create watercolor sketches in your own unique style. And, my positive, uplifting approach will help you from start to finish.

Beyond tips and techniques, what I’m aiming for is to help you find your inspiration.

Inspiration is what breathes life into art. It’s what makes painting with watercolors a truly joyful experience. It’s all about letting your colors flow, and this online workshop will show you how!

This program is for you if...

  • You’ve recently discovered the joy of painting in watercolor and would like to learn more

  • You’re an experienced watercolorist looking to jazz up your colors, loosen up, and learn new techniques

  • You’re feeling a lull in your painting journey and need a new jolt of inspiration

  • You’ve always wanted to paint while traveling but don’t know how

  • You’re interested in learning to paint but don’t have the time to attend a weeklong workshop

  • You prefer learning to paint in the comfort of your own home rather than attend a physical workshop

  • You live where it’s hard to get to a class on a regular basis

  • You like the challenge of creating something worth sharing with your peers online

  • You’re too shy to paint with a group of people in the same room

  • You prefer to learn to paint at your own pace

  • You are passionate about pursuing something you love doing


My Quick Sketch Watercolors Online Workshop is more than just a venue where you can learn how to paint watercolors step by step, with the ability to watch and rewatch. It’s all about unleashing your creativity, finding your inspiration, and letting your colors flow.

If you...

  • struggle to find captivating colors to express yourself in your painting

  • obsess too much with technique

  • want to paint more intuitively

  • feel lost in your quest to find your signature style

  • are too busy to squeeze painting or any other creative work into your schedule

  • desire to find the joy in painting again then... 


    this workshop is for you!

Wondering what you'll get when you sign up?

Here's what you'll get in my Quick Sketch Watercolors Online Workshop


Access to the following lessons:

Watercolor Basics: Mixing Try-It Squares—How to Mix It Techniques to Help You Paint More Freely with Confidence [Video]:

I teach watercolor consistency control, wet-in-wet and wet-in-dry watercolors, lifting color, brushwork, creating a color wheel, and other techniques.

(VALUE $147)

How to Draw with Flowing Lines [Video]:

I teach you how to draw more organically and see how connecting shapes makes all the difference.

(VALUE $97)

Top Twelve Plus Lessons from Start to Finish [Videos]:

12+ subjects you can select from with beautiful PDF reference photo printouts. Discover how to paint a landscape from France and a window from Spain; follow along as I paint a scene from Georgia O’Keefe's Ghost Ranch; create your own colorful Tuscan Sunflowers; paint fresh fruits and veggie’s from the market; capture the majesty of Zion; simplify a drawing and painting of your beloved pet; see how to simply add calligraphy to your paintings; and more!

(VALUE $689)

BONUS (V.I.P. Package Only): Membership Access to our Highly Interactive Private Facebook Group, where you can share your paintings and progress.

I’ll be checking in the group from time to time to share tips and advice, as well as comment on your work. You’ll have painters of all levels celebrating your progress every step of the way.


BONUS (V.I.P. Package Only): A Seat in my LIVE Webinar/Paint-Along Events with Q&A:

We'll have multiple Zoom virtual meetings where I'll demonstrate my paintings LIVE. You can watch or paint-along, and you can ask questions live.

(VALUE $97 each event)

BONUS (V.I.P. Package Only): 17 Paint-Along Event Recordings.

BONUS (Video Only Group): 6 Paint-Along Event Recordings.

Plus 3-4 BONUS "LIVE" Zoom Paint-Along Workshops per year

(Our next paint-along is in July)

(VALUE $897)

Private Group Newsletter Updates:

Be among the first to hear about my workshops online, en plein air art tours, and studio workshops.


Watercolor Journaling this Year

BONUS: V.I.P. Package (Value $297)


Quick Sketch Watercolors originated in my travels. I found that the process of capturing my journeys in my sketchbook became very

meaningful. Painting the Amalfi Coast as I sit under an umbrella, capturing market scenes in L'sle-Sur-la-Sorgue while having a gelato, drawing the rugged landscape of Zion in the sunshine; these are the moments I treasure and love to teach in my online classes and on location.


My sketchbook studies capture treasured memories. In my Quick Sketch lessons I teach you how to take time, take in a scene and simplify it. I show you how to easily capture your journey in flowing colors. Some of my sketchbook pages become larger studio paintings when I get home. My sketch takes me back to being on  location. I remember the sights, sounds, scents - the full experience of being there. A photograph is a moment. A Quick Sketch is a life experience.

What you can expect in the

Watercolor Journaling Module:

  • Watercolor Journaling Prompts for BOTH VIP and Video Only Programs to expand your experience and connect with other students in the group. 
  • Some ideas you can apply to your travels such as add lettering to your own journal page, sit casually at a cafe and sketch something you see, or create a collage around your sketch adding other painting images, tickets, writing, and even photographs. 
  • We'll share and celebrate our watercolor journey on the private group Facebook page. (VIP members only)


Carly C.

I love painting along while watching on my desktop, stopping when Cindy gets ahead of me, and then resuming when I’m ready. This has been so effective and a great way to learn!

Karen C.

Cindy’s Quick Sketch method gives the student (me) a very accessible way to be creative and productive early on.

Robin R.

Cindy is a delightful guide to artists of all levels, and her videos are easy to follow. I’ve enjoyed the quick-draw projects and have applied many of her techniques to my other paintings.

Jane T. 

I’ve loved every minute of the class and expect to return to the lessons multiple times to sharpen my skills. This was just what I needed to help me move from rank beginner, self-taught, wanna-be, to a budding watercolorist, excited to keep on learning and growing!

Why discover how to paint watercolors with me?

Who is Cindy Briggs and why would I want to learn watercolor painting from her?” That’s probably the question you’ve got in mind at this point.

To answer that question,... I am excited about teaching, and I love to help my students discover the joy of painting. I am:

✓ A master of translucent watercolors with Signature Status with the (NWS) National Watercolor Society and (NWWS) NorthWest Watercolor Society. I’m known for my sun-drenched landscapes, luminous flowers, and striking portraits,

✓ An internationally recognized artist whose work has been displayed in several galleries across the US and in publications like Splash 24, Watercolor MagazineOutdoor Painting, American Watercolor Magazine, and Plein Air Magazine,

 A Daniel Smith Brand Ambassador and showcased artist with over 20 years of conducting demonstrations using Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors

✓ A faculty member of Watercolor Live 2023

✓ A featured instructor for the Smithsonian Studio Arts Programs, Utah Watercolor Society, Nevada Watercolor Society, and NorthWest Watercolor Society

✓ A featured instructor with many Art Centers and Watercolor Societies, the University of Utah, French Escapade, Terracotta.art and Art School Live with Eric Rhoads.

 An international workshop instructor for over 20 years teaching plein air in locations like Spain, France, Italy, Sicily with more workshops on my schedule.

✓ Additionally, my work has been juried into several regional and international exhibitions. I have also served as a juror for numerous shows. Prior to teaching, I worked as an Art Director for National Advertising agencies in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle learning about the power of design.

✓ During my classes I share my skills and stories to help you on your own creative journey.

More Quotes by Cindy's Students:

Kathryn M.

The online Facebook closed group of others in the class really is motivating. There is a sense of community; it is fun to share and see how others approach a particular subject. I’ve really enjoyed this class!

Marie M.

I feel more free to be myself in this online class, where I don’t have to look anyone in the eye (I am pathetically self-critical) …. And I learn so much from other classmates’ comments and from others’ work, because I am relaxed. The material is fun and Cindy is inspiring. I haven’t painted this often, Ever!!

Bill F. 

This is far better than any one-week workshop I have ever attended.

Marleen V.

Loving this online course-no pressure, good , clear instruction and lots of positive, constructive feedback..it’s all good!

You will also receive these BONUSES 

(V.I.P. Package):

  • BONUS 1: Access to ALL previously recorded 17+ Paint-Along Webinars in the program. (Value $1498)

  • BONUS 2: 3-4 Bonus "Live" Zoom Paint-Alongs each year plus recordings (Value $298)

  • BONUS 3: Facebook Community for VIP Members only. Share your work and get positive feedback.



When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to the Quick Sketch Watercolors Program. You can paint-along at your own speed and you'll have anytime access for ONE FULL YEAR. 


Quick Sketch
V.I.P. Package


  • 12 Step-by-Step Lesson Modules

  • 12 Watercolor Basics Videos

  • BONUS: 17 Bonus Paint-Along Recordings

  • Plus 3-4 BONUS "LIVE" Zoom Paint-Along Workshops per year (our next paint-along is in July).

  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group for Sharing

  • BONUS: Watercolor Journaling Prompts

  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Quick Sketch
Video Only Package


  • 12 Step-by-Step Lesson Modules

  • 12 Watercolor Basics Videos

  • BONUS: 6 Paint-Along Video Recordings

  • BONUS: Watercolor Journaling Prompts
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee