Creative Watercolor Portraits

A Cindy Briggs Online

Watercolor Program


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Have you wanted to paint a watercolor portrait but don’t know where to start?


Imagine having the process simplified for you so you can confidently work through a portrait.

The shapes, the colors, the values.

The eyes, the nose, the mouth, even teeth.

Cindy breaks it down into doable steps, revealing her methods, so that you can paint portraits with flowing colors.

Cindy shares what makes a good portrait reference photo.

In This Online Course You Will Learn

You’ll discover tips that will help you diagram the face so you can almost instantly see what may be off.
  • How to draw the main features of the face so you capture the character of your model
  • How to mix colors for a range of skin tones
  • You see how to shape the eye so it has more dimension
  • How to make lips and nose more 3-dimensional with color and values
  • How to create hair that is dimensional with creative color
Cindy’s approach will build your confidence in painting portrait of your choice.
Many of her student’s create paintings from their own photographs after her straight forward approach.
Cindy’s inspiring teaching method will guide you through the steps.

You’ll gain insights as you watch and replay videos awaiting you online

  • The structure of the face
  • The value of seeing values.
  • How to layer up color from start to finish
  • Blending for smooth rounded forms
  • The power of rich darks and colorful shadows
  • Highlights for sparkle and life
  • Dimensional Hair with light and movement
  • Capture the details that help the portrait capture personality and expression

Program includes 6 portrait lessons from start to finish.

Let’s paint your own self portrait!

8 Bonus Portrait Paint-Along Recordings, with recordings added to the site,
Plus 3 Bonus Zoom Paint-Alongs this 2024.

Bonus: Membership in Cindy's Watercolor Portraits Facebook Community

Bonus: Cindy's Watercolor Basics 10+ Videos to learn her techniques.

The first time I really remember watching my aunt, Ellie Weakley paint a portrait is when she painted me as a 15 year old.

When I started painting professionally, I admit painting a portrait intimidated me.

Then, I saw my Aunt Ellie Weakley paint a portrait in New Mexico and I followed along.

I realized, like painting architecture, fruit, flowers, the face is likewise all about range of relationships in values, shapes and colors.

I’ve now been teaching portraits for over 15 years and happy to share that my students feel confident to paint from their own photos once I teach them the basics.

The dream of painting family members, friends, people you are drawn to, is all possible as you discover how to infuse color and light into your style portraits.

And the best part is discovering your own style in the process.

This is why I’ve created my Watercolor Portraits online program.

Join the experience and enjoy the process of painting a watercolor portrait.

With each lesson you’ll get:

  • A Reference Image

  • Complete Painting Image

  • Value Tracing

  • Tracing

  • Step-by-Step Video

  • Color Chart

  • And a sequenced focus on a different aspect of painting the portrait

We’ll be covering

  • How to mix a range of skin tones

  • Facial relationships

  • How to make the eyes sparkle

  • Why eyebrows are so important

  • How reflective color can be more expressive

  • How to take great photographs to paint from

  • Positive and negative painting


Be sure to sign-up to the waitlist for updates on when we open.